I’m Addicted to James

If you have been living under a rock for the last two months you have an excuse not to know who James is. James Holzhauer is the current reigning champ of Jeopardy and has been for the last 27 shows. That in itself is impressive, but not close to breaking Ken Jennings streak of winning 74 days in a row. It’s not the streak, but the amount of money that James has won, $2,065,535 in those 27 days or an average of $76,501 a day. Jennings won a total of $2,520,700 for an average of $34,063 which is less than half James’ daily average. I worry that James is going to bankrupt Jeopardy, but then when you think about the ratings of that he is getting for the show, I hope they are charging more per ad minute as long as James keeps winning.

James is exciting to watch as he jumps all over the board looking for the daily doubles and betting odd amounts. I knew I liked him early on because after he had won a few hundred thousand dollars Alex asked him what he was going to do with the money. He replied that he, his wife and child were going to take a year off and rent a place to live in a different city each month all over the world. Now that is a cool thing to do with a few hundred thousand. I wonder what he is going to do with two million plus?

I am not sure how long the Jeopardy Season lasts. We did have to suffer through a boring two week hiatus for James while the teacher’s tournament went on. Now I love teachers, but they were not as exciting as James. Can he win until there is a summer break and then have to come back in September?

I pity to poor contestants who have to go up against him. Eventually he will lose, but I bet he will break Ken Jennings money record first. When are they going to do another champions tournament? I would love to see him versus Ken Jennings. James is a game changer.

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