All Star Team Jeopardy

I love Jeopardy. It’s not the questions, or Alex as much as it is the strategy. If you are an aficionado of the show you will understand what I mean. For example, when someone is in third place during final Jeopardy they hardly have a chance of beating the other players if they all get the right answer. They have a much better chance if none of them get the right answer if they don’t bet any money, counting on the people in the number two and one positions who are forced to bet some dollar amount in order to win.

The other part of Jeopardy I love is following contestants who win multiple days in a row. Austin, the bartender from NYC, was my favorite contest of all time. He was not always the most knowledgeable, but always was the quirkiest.

Well, Jeopardy has come up with a brilliant new twist on the game, All Star games. Top players of the last decade are grouped into teams of three. Each time a team plays one of the team plays regular Jeopardy, one plays double and one plays final. The best part is the audience gets to see their strategy about who plays when. It is adding a big new layer to the game and the winning team gets a million dollars.

The championship started last week and continues through this week so you are not too late to get on watching this exciting show. It is going to make going back to regular Jeopardy a little dull, but then again we need a whole new group of champions for the next team game. I just hope we don’t have to wait ten years to have another.

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