Old Lady Spot Heating

Russ left the house at 5:00AM to go on a business trip. when I got up a bit later I thought our bedroom was a little cold. True to form the furnace was out. Even more predictably I need to replace the whole HVAC. The reason it is predictable is yesterday I signed a contract to replace the rest of our roof and fix our chimney. Our new roof has continued to leak, something it never did before it was replaced. Needless to say I am going with a different roofing contractor, but all this rain is not helping my ceilings, or the roofing calendar.

Thankfully my other HVAC unit is on so I have heat in half my house, just not the half that holds my bedroom. I could go sleep in Carter’s room, but I really want to watch the DVR in my bedroom so I set up a heater. I feel like a little old lady who only heats right where she lives. OK, I’m not little, but I am feeling old. Taking care of all these house issues is aging me.

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