Cohen On TV

It’s seven thirty at night and my house is finally warm. The HVAC guys came at 9:15 this morning to install a new system and it took quite a while, but at last I have heat. I had Mah Jongg at my house to keep me entertained for the first half of the day while trapped here. Unfortunately no one was able to stay for lunch so I sat down to watch TV while I ate.

I hit the jackpot when I discovered the Micheal Cohen testimony was playing. I missed his opening remarks, but got many hours of watching his questioning by house members on the oversight committee. Since I had to stay home with the furnace guys I had the best excuse to binge watch this house circus.

It was long enough questioning that I felt like I got a feeling about Cohen. First I felt like he was fairly honest, for someone who had lied before Congress before. He owned his previous lying. He didn’t make excuses. He indicted the President on some things, but didn’t sound like he was out to get him. I say this because he defended the president on other things.

For example, he did say the President did lie about knowing a Russian mobster Felix Sater, who actually had an office in Trump Tower, NYC on the same floor at Trump himself. Cohen said that Trump did cheat on his taxes by giving lower valuations of properties. But when questioned about an alleged tape of Trump hitting Melania in an elevator, Cohen, said that tape didn’t exist and that he never could believe that Trump would hit Melania, that he was not like that. If Cohen was just out for a hatchet job, he could have let the “hitting Melania” rumor languish out there, he didn’t need to add that the Donald “wouldn’t do that.” Of course he did testify that Trump had him lie to Melania about paying off Playmates and porn stars. I almost rather would be hit than that.

The big thing I took away from his testimony is that Southern District Of New York is actively involved with investigating Trump. I can’t imagine that any good District Attorney can’t find lots of thing Trump did wrong as a real estate developer. The guy boasted about not paying taxes. There is something there. The question is will his children go to jail for his sins?

Of course the best investigating will be done by Mueller and that report has got to come out soon. But based on how most republicans on the house oversight committee defended Trump today I don’t think much will come of the report unless the ties to the Russians are indisputable. Trump being a liar, a cheat, adulterer, racist guy are not news. He has practically admitted to all those things. The question is will the country stand up for better values.

Since I am related to and friends with many Republicans I expect more from the party. Like why don’t you throw Trump out of the party and let him run independently since he really doesn’t embody the things that good old Republicans used to stand for. Get a backbone and stand up to the bully. At least learn from Micheal Cohen that standing by him will hurt you in the long run. Trump is not for you. Trump is only for Trump.

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