One Name

There are a few people who can go by one name and everyone knows who they are— Cher, Madonna, Elvis, Prince. Of course for most of them, save Elvis, we don’t even know what their last name is. Like, what is Adele’s last name. Sometime we know both their names but only need one, Oprah you know I am talking to you.

Well as of today I have finally reached one name status. An unnamed friend mailed me a check that was made out just to “Dana.” I wonder if that is how Cher gets her money?

Since I most certainly have not reached one name recognition, perhaps it is that we are forgetting how to write checks since we rarely do that anymore. Thankfully my friend allowed me to write in my last name and the automatic phone deposit did not reject it. I didn’t want to chance depositing a one name check, even if it was my name.

One Comment on “One Name”

  1. Debi says:

    This reminded me of something that happened back in the early 90’s after I arrived back from a vacation in India. Whilst I was over there, several people that I met asked if they could become my pen-friend, and of course, I said, Yes. One person though forgot to ask for my address, so imagine my surprise when I received a letter addressed to Debi, Sydney, Australia!
    Now beat that Adele!

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