The Right Tiles

I am getting back to normal life now that my Father is home and doing well. Since it’s Wednesday, it must be Mah Jongg. Nothing makes me happier than playing games with friends. This is something I hope younger generations discover and don’t just play video games. Games can teach us such good lessons.

Today after the Charleston portion of a game I had this hand. If you don’t play the game let me tell you that it is a very hard hand that pays fifty cents, double the average payout. The only tile that did not go with the patternI was looking for was the green dragon and I only needed two sevens to win. If someone were looking at the racks before the play was to begin they would have bet on me all day long. Only needing two tiles for a win is very unusual, usually you need more like seven of eight.

Despite having this extraordinary start I never picked even one of the two tiles I needed. Turned out no one won that hand, which meant we picked all the tiles to no avail. Frustrating would be a kind word to describe my disappointment.

Mah Jongg is like life. It doesn’t matter if you are dealt all the best tiles. Sometimes things go your way and that is called luck and sometimes you make good decisions. In the case of this hand I had a couple things going against me. I had to pick the exact right tiles and not call ones that are discarded and I could not use jokers. I knew that and tried to make the hand just the same. I almost did not have any choice with 12 tiles to one winning hand.

If I had picked the two sevens it would have totally been luck as there was no skill involved. But it was also luck, just the bad kind, that I did not pick them.

Luck is fine in games, but in life I like to make my own luck. We all have to play the tiles we are dealt, like who are family is, where we grew up, the brain and body we were born with, but we don’t have to just sit by and except the tiles that we pick. We can change our direction. The secret is realizing when it is time to do something different to change your luck. If you just take what you are given you may never win.

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