Next Patient

My life as caregiver continues. Today it was Shay’s turn to go to the hospital. Nothing serious, but her annual teeth cleaning. Just that teeth cleaning for dogs is an operation. I had to make sure she didn’t have any food after midnight last night and bring her in early this morning.

Poor shivering girl knew exactly what was going to happen. She cowered behind my back as a I sat on the little person bench in the doggie exam room. The was hardly enough room for my back side, let alone a dog behind me.

If only she would equate having to go get her teeth cleaned with allowing me to brush her teeth. Brushing her teeth at home has never been successful. Then again my vet says that labradoodles are notorious for bad oral hygiene. Which breed brought that trait in, the poodles or the labs?

The house was so quiet without Shay and Carter. I almost didn’t know what to do while she was gone. I didn’t have a shadow. When the time came to pick her up I was early, waiting like a mommy on first day of pre-school pick up. Poor Shay had matching shaved arms because they had a hard time finding a vein. She could not have been more ready to go. She came home and drank a bunch of water and has been snuggling with me.

Thank goodness she does not equate me with the torture of going to the hospital, even though I bring her and leave her. I am hoping this is my last care taking job for a long while.

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