The Boredom Of Waiting

My Dad has always had a very short attention span if he is not doing something he loves. So waiting for his operation is not something he is good at, especially since he has to stay in the hospital. The good news is he was feeling better today than yesterday. He finally was allowed to shower. He got dressed and hung out in his room.

Thankfully my sweet cousin Leigh came for a visit and delivered my father’s computer to him. She was an excellent distraction since my father adores her so much. Russ came by and got my father a Starbucks treat.

The highlight of the day was when my father’s favorite Doctor of all time, Dr. Crawford came to see him. They laughed and talked and it brightened his spirits greatly.

After Leigh departed Russ and I took my father on his first walk outside his room. One lap of the heart unit and back to his room. It was a good thing.

I brought my father some head phones which made watching Foyle’s War on his computer much easier. I left him, clean, watching his show and with a good plan for sleep tonight.

My friend Melanie sent me a message about how she kept her husband entertained in the hospital for a month this year. It was great advice, so I am going to me getting some newspapers for my Dad. It might have to be the Sunday papers because my Mom is coming tomorrow to do a shift so Russ, Carter and I can go to a brunch to celebrate the marriage of Carter’s long babysitter Megan.

Love ideas for someone who doesn’t like games and is not too mobile.

2 Comments on “The Boredom Of Waiting”

  1. Janet says:


    Thanks so much for the updates on your Dad. Please let him know I asked about him and look forward to a phone call when he is ready. Love to the whole family and prayers to all.


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