Two Halves of Our Day

I have been looking forward to this day for years. It was the celebration of Megan and Max’s wedding. My mother came down to be with Dad so Russ, Carter and I could go to the party.

It was a lovely brunch where we had lots of time to catch up with the beautiful Megan. We were lucky enough to get to sit with Max’s brother Oli and his girl friend Charlie who came from London for the party. The Ketch Family are our favorites so we were honored to be included in the party of family and friends.

After brunch I went to Duke to relieve my Mom of duty and I hung out with Dad. Russ came over too. Being stuck in his small room is starting to make my Dad a little nuts. We asked if we could take him in a wheel chair to the outdoor courtyard. This of course needed to be approved by “the doctor.” Having to get permission from “the doctor” also made my father nuts. I can’t blame him, he is not in prison, but they just want to make sure nothing will go wrong.

Thankfully they gave “permission.” I am not sure what would have happened if they hadn’t. My Dad got a phone call from Cousin Harry right as we were getting the wheel chair, so for most of the outdoor visit Dad was talking on the phone so Russ just did laps with him around the court yard. Russ is the real hero here!

My Dad is up to having phone calls and a visitor or two since he still has four days of waiting for the operation.

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