Usually My Favorite Day

I wait all year for Needlepoint Christmas. My stitching table advisors gather once a year and exchange ornaments we made for one friend whose name we drew in January. It is so fun to see what special things we make for each other.

I make a special lunch and everyone comes and is appreciative of my Christmas decorations. Since these are my stitching advisors they make a big deal over my Needlepoint garlands which makes me happy. Only other stitchers really understand what goes into making all those ornaments.

This year I was serving an English High tea for lunch, which might be sacrilege, but tea is my favorite meal and I just can’t make people wait to eat it at four in the afternoon. As I was making my scones this morning I noticed two texts and a missed phone call from my mother. She had my father at Duke because he is very sick. He had been all weekend, but refused to go to the Danville hospital.

His Duke doctor wanted to admit him to the hospital but there were no beds. My house was the next best thing since the doctor did not want him far from the hospital. So in the middle of my lunch my dad moved in. My mom went to fill his prescriptions, but could not find a nebulizer machine. Thank god for good friends. Christy took my mom to the medical device store and got her fixed up. After my Mom got everything she went home, leaving me to run this hospital.

Four other great friends, Nancy, Ann, Deanna and Elizabeth washed all the dishes and silver by hand since we had used the good stuff and cleaned the kitchen. It was not the long Needlepoint lunch we usually have, but everyone was so nice.

I turned into Nurse Ratchet and my father wished he was back at Duke as I made him do his nebulizer treatment until the last drop of medicine was gone. He doesn’t want to bother me, but he is very uncomfortable and keeps moving about trying to find a place to settle. His moving around makes me nervous. So far he has slept in two different beds.

I gave him my Christmas bell so he could ring for me, but he hasn’t used it. I am making him stay up until his next treatment and he is not happy about that. He asked if he could watch the news. That was a great idea to keep him occupied and in one place. The only problem is I did not know which channel Fox News was, and was hoping to never know it. It is quite hard to find a channel guide when you don’t have one.

My Dad had not eaten much and I know he will not get better if get gets too weak so I have been giving him sugary drinks and soup made with homemade turkey stock. If anything will make him better it is that. I am hoping he will be able to sleep tonight so he can heal and the medicine can do its job.

This has not been my favorite Needlepoint Christmas Day ever. Thanks to my friends for muddling through and helping me and my family out. Thanks to Kate for taking pictures before it all fell apart.

One Comment on “Usually My Favorite Day”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    Oh Dana I am so sorry. Give my love to your Dad and I hope he gets well soon!
    And….I want to come to this lunch! I love to stitch!

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