A Boy, His Train and His Dog

Russ has always loved trains. He introduced me to G-scale trains before we got married. They are big and also are called garden trains because they can be set up outside in your garden. When we first got married we got this train set thinking we would create a garden train. Life and deer got in the way. Now it just gets set up around the Christmas tree.

Shay was disinterested in the train while Russ was putting the track together. She ignored the whole thing while he attached the cars together on the track. Once he turned the dial and the engine started to pull forward Shay was mad. She did not like her daddy paying attention to that train. She could see the glee in his eye and she was clearly jealous.

Russ tried to get her to come closer and she backed away and bowed down in a posture ready to fight the mighty train. She wanted nothing to do with the chugging contraption or for him to continue loving it. She certainly understands what Russ loves and can’t stand the competition.

One Comment on “A Boy, His Train and His Dog”

  1. Kristin Hiemstra says:

    I’d love to see more photos of that tree! Wow!

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