The Baptism Gang

Thank god for Birthdays. Not for getting one year older, but for the excuse to get together with friends. When my friend Hannah went back to work full time our time to get to see each other got squeezed. We have tried very hard to have lunch every month, but some months are harder than others. Her birthday was Sunday so I organized a little lunch for today and invited two other friends, Lynn and Elizabeth.

There is a very specific reason for this actual group. Our daughters were all baptized together, sort of. Lynn’s daughter Ellis and Carter were actually baptized together at our Church, Westminster. It was a rarity that two children are baptized on the same day who are not related. If fact I have never seen it since. It was a surprise to us and it almost caused a fight in the reserved pews, but it turned out to be a very good thing. Carter and Ellis became each other’s sisters that day and have remained so ever since.

Hannah and Elizabeth’s oldest daughters were baptized one week apart at Duke chapel. They have a registry of baptisms there and it stood out to Hannah when she went to sign the registry for her daughter Campbell Elizabeth, because the name just above hers was Elizabeth Campbell. When Hannah and Elizabeth were writing the names on the kindergarten graduation certificates they figured out that it was their two daughters who had back to back baptisms with back to back names.

Our baptism friend cluster continues nineteen years on and today we celebrated Hannah. You know we don’t see each other as often as we would like now that our oldest or only children no longer go to school together. It came as no surprise to me that we were practically the only people left in the restaurant even though we started lunch at 12:15. We always have so much to discuss.

We talk a big game about having lunch next month, and I know that Hannah and I will try and get in our monthly lunch, but somehow it is hard to get the whole baptism group at the same time, let alone other friends we love. It should be easier since we are empty or almost empty nesters.

I have noticed that the people with the longest empty nests are the least reliable for regular get togethers because they travel more, or have grand children to help with, or take classes. That seems like a long ways always. I eat lunch everyday and would rather do it with a gang.

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