Christmas Planning

When Carter was five or six she wanted to have a snow princess birthday party. Living in North Carolina there is very little chance of ensuring snow in early December so Russ bought a giant inflatable snowman. It was tacky from the word go, but it was a real novelty way back then. It was an affront to my interior Christmas decorations, but six year olds don’t know that.

Every year the snowman went up, despite making me a little queasy. It was fine when we had a little child and when it was the only inflatable, but when neighbors got dozens of them ours had to go.

Today I saw one of the many annoying deer in our neighborhood. They are pretty, but ravage every garden and need to be curtailed. They fear no car, no dog, no human. This young man was happy to pose for me to take five or six photos.

Since I am in the Christmas planning stage I got an idea. Why not set up a snow dear scene? If I could get all the dear to stand still in my yard and maybe endure being covered in some glitter and wrapped in tasteful tiny white fairy lights. I would be happy to provide a little corn if they promised to stand still and pose like they were in a Saks Fifth Avenue window. Then when Christmas was over I could call someone with a truck to take the deer away to our farm where they could live free from suburban dangers.

I bet the neighborhood association would endorse this plan. Ok, maybe not the glitter and lights. A deer Christmas scene would match my inside decorations so much better than the snowman.

This year Carter might get her wish for a snow princess birthday since she is in a Boston. She sent me this photo from the first snow they had last night. No need for inflatable snowmen there.

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