In the Company of Makers

Today was Garden Club. I love my Garden Club. It is a group of neighborhood women who are interested in making things beautiful. Not all of us are good gardeners, but that in no way diminishes the fun we have when we are together.

Today we met at our friend Stacey’s flower workshop where she runs a business called Fig Tree Designs. Stacey is incredibly talented as a maker of many crafty things, but especially things floral related.

For our garden club program we made decorated grapevine wreaths for a local nursing home that has a large memory care unit. Stacey came up with this plan and the director was thrilled because these people often don’t have any family who bring decorations for their rooms.

Thirty-five women worked diligently creating beautiful unique creations. My friend Christy and I did what we do best and made bows for anyone who needed one. This seems to be our regular assignment, one I love doing.

Thanks to Stacey and her hostesses for a fun morning of making. You are a great inspiration to our whole club. It also helps that you have such a fun club house!

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