I Am A Maker

Some people are readers, some people are doers, some people are complainers. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a self described Maker. I like to make things. Today I made eight coasters, a giant pot of soup and I worked on a Christmas ornament. Hardly a day goes by where I am not making something and I mean other than meals for my family.

At any given time I may be making a quilt, needlepoint something and creating some other arts and crafts project, usually out of paper. I am usually fairly prolific in my creating. I like to complete a project in one category before I start another project in that same category. I may have five categories going at the same time, but only one in each.

I have enough supplies to keep me making something everyday for the rest of my life without ever purchasing anything new. That is as long as I don’t come up with an idea I never thought of, then I may need to buy something. I am trying to use what I have.

Given all this producing I am embarrassed about the length of time it took me to finish this counted cross stitch sampler I just picked up at the framers today.

I think I bought the materials for this project when Carter was about three or four. I worked on it diligently for a year. They I lost it. 13 years later I found it, 98% complete. I started working on it again this summer and it took me two months to do the last 2%. Then I waited another two months to take it to the framer. I went to pick it up a month later and discovered they had made a mistake framing it. They called me three days later saying it was done. It took me a month to pick it up again. I finally brought it home.

Since it is the 16-17 year project I didn’t want to waste anytime hanging it. Since I could not find a new picture hook I took something else off the wall in the hall and replaced it with this. I want to look at it everyday and be reminded to finish what I am working on all the way through before moving on to something new.

2 Comments on “I Am A Maker”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Come see my hand stitched crewel window cornices that took four years for me to stitch. There are 4 and the last one was a journey.

    Carol Walker

  2. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    That is really beautiful.. I have “completion deficit disorder” – at least you got to the finish line on this lovely work!

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