Thank You Veterans

With Russ and Carter having father daughter weekend I am home alone with Shay-Shay. She keeps listening for the garage door to open signaling Russ is home. I hate when I come home alone and disappoint her that I am the only one here.

I was up late last night having gone to Hamilton. I couldn’t go to sleep thinking about how fabulously Lin Manuel Miranda taught me US history I had either forgotten or never learned in such complexity. As I was up late watching Pete Davidson on SNL beautifully make amends with Republican Veteran Dan Crenshaw I felt a good feeling about humanity. It was a feeling I had been missing for the last couple of years.

Then, before I could fall asleep I got a text from my friend about 45 skipping the ceremony in France due to rain. Quickly I was mad again. How is it that every other leader made the drive, but ours did not, especially on this important 100th anniversary of the end of WWI?

With Russ away I cold have slept in but I decided it was important for me not to miss church even though I was up late because I knew that we would honor all the veterans who were there. I am doing my best not to let 45 affect me emotionally and to do my part to do what I think is right, regardless of all the things he does that I feel are wrong. I can’t control him, but I can counteract him with good deeds, kind words and love.

We had at least a dozen and a half Veterans at church this morning. As is our custom, they were asked to come forward and say which branch of service they were in and when they served. I got a little choked up, as I do every year. I truly appreciate what they had done for us to live in this country. I want to say thank you to all veterans. You have done things I never could have done. I hope you feel the love from regular people. We are sending it directly and not expecting any leader to represent our appreciation to you.

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