The Hurricane I Didn’t Expect

A couple of weeks ago we started getting the news about hurricane Florence coming to North Carolina. We had a week of news before hand. Everyone prepped. All the flash lights were brought out. Bags of ice were made and stored in the freezer to help keep food cold. Anything that might become a flying object was brought inside. Cars were gassed and cash was gathered.

Then Florence came, and stayed and stayed and stayed. Rain fell, but Durham was spared. Other parts of North Carolina were not so lucky. Lots of flooding happened. People will be out of their houses for a very long time. But we were fine.

Then this hurricane Michael popped up practically overnight. The pan handle of Florida was devastated from what I could tell on the news this morning. I didn’t think much more about it for us. I went to play bridge today. I could see the water pouring out the sky from the windows in the Bridge Academy, but I was more worried about making my bid.

I came home while it was still light out and it was still raining. Shay was glad to see me. I was on my bed reading my email and I thought the trees were bending over much more than in normal rain storms. Then I heard a big pop. My power went out. From what I can tell it is not out all over, my neighbors on two sides have power.

This was not the storm I was prepared for. I have very poor connectivity so I can’t look at radar. I have a very early morning tomorrow where I am supposed to be on a panel about non-profit board governance until lunch. I am praying the power comes back on because I really could use a shower and a working hair dryer. I also need to iron my outfit.

I guess I should have paid closer attention to the news and less attention to bridge.

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