Straw Improvement

I have always liked to drink from a straw. See, for a child of the sixties a straw meant that I was eating at a restaurant because the wasn’t such a thing as at-home straws. And eating at a restaurant was a very special occasion. Since I grew up in a “dry” town we didn’t have any real restaurants, just Orem’s Diner and a Friendly’s, neither of which we visited regularly, or in the case of Orem’s, ever. So a straw was a big deal, especially if it was a bendy straw.

As I got older straws became more common place. The invention of drive-thrus and car cup holders meant we had drinks with straws in them almost all the time, except not that much at home. Then I discovered that they sold bendy straws at the dollar store. My childhood dream fulfilled.

In the very recent past I learned that plastic disposable straws are environmental no-no’s because they end up in the ocean which eventually means they end up in fish, which means they eventually end up in us. So away with all plastic straws.

Yeah, it’s not so good for the skin around your lips to drink from straws, but what about in the car? Have you ever tied to drink from a glass while driving? You might break a tooth, or rear ended someone because your sightline is blocked.

Enter the reusable metal straw. It is a stainless steel tube with the perfect bend, you just can’t make that little sound of the lengthening and shortening a plastic bendy straw. The metal ones come with a little straw cleaning brush so you don’t have to worry if anything is growing inside your straw.

I bought a package of four straws and one cleaner from Groupon. I am just trying to do my part for the fish. Well, the best thing about these metal straws is they get cold sitting in your iced drink and as you sip from them the liquid traveling up the cold metal straw gets colder and is therefore much more refreshing! Ta-da, who would of thought?

So an environmental win that is an improvement. Now I like straws even better than when I was a kid and it doesn’t even involve going to a restaurant.

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