Where Did This Work Come From?

Perhaps it’s the never ending summer we have had, but I have been on an extended hiatus from any real work. For the last, say 20 years I have taken “summer off” from regular life. Now one might say my regular life is already “off,” but even for a person without full time employment I do even less in summer.

But just like kids going back to school, when the autumn comes I usually get more productive. No autumn and laziness sticks around. So it came as quite a shock to my system this week that suddenly I had tons of “work” to do and days that are full of obligations.

I spent the morning creating power points, and survey monkeys. Tonight I had a planning meeting in Raleigh for a panel I am going to be on Friday on Non-profit board management. Suddenly, I have real work to prepare for. I may even have to put on grown up shoes.

Meetings are scheduled, budgets need to get done, proposals need to be written. I had an organization send me an RFP for some top secret work. What do they thing I am, a working person?

I may be tired of the hot and humid weather, but I am not ready to give up my summer fun, non-guilt life of leisure. It seems like enough work for me to water the new shrubs and grass. I go out and look at the brown earth at least three times a day to make sure that everything is still moist. That is about all I really want to do. I may be retired but my retirement is exhausting.

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