Historic Mess

As luck would have it the only thing on my calendar today that I could not change was a hair cut. This meant I was free to spend almost the whole day glued to one of the many TVs in my house all tuned to the the only thing on TV, the Kavanaugh nomination hearings.

As Russ was getting ready to leave for work he asked me what I was going to do while I watched. “I am going to deep clean the kitchen and scrub all the wood cabinets,” I responded.

“You really should paint something,” he said.


“Because that is what we did when we watched the Thomas/Hill hearings.”

I watched Dr. Ford with great intent as I squeezed out my rag of hot water and Murphy’s Oil soap. I felt she was more than credible. Her desire to get the FBI to do a more complete investigation even if it turned up exculpatory evidence, a word she did not know before today, was key. I was happy that people were mostly civil to her while she was there.

I scrubbed my stove with a tooth brush as I watch Judge Kavanaugh weep during his opening remarks. When he talked about his habit of keeping his calendar based on his father’s habit that started in 1978 for keeping a calendar, that acted as a diary, I kept waiting for him to give us the reason his father started doing that on such a specific year. Had his father been audited by the IRS before that and wish he had a calendar as proof of something? Why was Judge Kavanaugh so emotional about that calendar habit?

The best thing Kavanaugh said was that his ten year old daughter thought they should pray for Dr. Ford. That deserved weeping.

I felt sorry for the Judge for the loss of his reputation, but I feel that his continued fight against any Senator who suggested that if Kavanaugh asked for the FBI to do a through investigation he could lift the cloud of doubt that hung over him. But he didn’t. He stuck to his guns that the hearing was the investigation and that if he said he didn’t do it, that should suffice.

It didn’t for me. She was calm and willing to try and get to the truth. He was mad, and at one point rather than answering Senator Klobuhar’s question about drinking he just turned the question around on her and asked about her drinking. She was not the one being questioned and it showed a level of disrespect for a female Senator. Someone handed him a piece of paper right then and it probably told him he was being an ass. After a break he came back and apologized to Klobuhar. It was too late. His true stripes had been shown.

Lord knows what is going to happen tomorrow. I did my part to rid my life of the dirt around me, but I wish I could have been cleaning up politics instead.

2 Comments on “Historic Mess”

  1. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    Glad you got your kitchen cleaned! I did knee replacement exercises while I was distracted listening. The thing to remember is the day started with Dr. Ford having no corroborating witnesses and ended with no corroborating witnesses. All four named by Dr. Ford have submitted, under oath and under penalty of a felony, that they know nothing about a party that may have happened, they were not there and they do not know Dr. Ford. Even her named good friend ( the one woman ) said it didn’t happen. If you wish to live in a world of guilty until proven innocent then yesterday’s Democrats took us well to that turning our 600 years of due process on its back. As the mother of a son in LE, if we go to accusations are all needed to crush someone and we always must believe the accuser, then we don’t need LE at all, or courts or anything else. I moved to Durham during the lacrosse scandal. I watched the Rolling Stone hit job based on total lies, and I watched intently yesterday to see if Democrats wished to have any commitment to our due process. Unfortunately I didn’t see any support of our system by the minority.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Dana – I agree and I’m happy you were able to be productive as well as informed! I, on the other hand, was not productive, but feel much better informed, and am very glad I watched. But, my main reason for commenting is this – I got a good laugh out of the fact you all painted while listening to the Hill/Thomas hearing, as that is exactly what we were doing as well! Will never forget helping my mother to paint her bedroom and hallway while listening to the entire thing! Thanks for sharing.

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