The First Sort is Easy

With Russ off in DC for the day and Carter staying quiet in recovery at home I continued the great clean out of my office after Church. My office has built in book shelves with cabinets and a huge stand alone bookshelf also with cabinets beneath. I have four filing Cabinets and six drawers. Then there are the endless decorative boxes and baskets all filled with random you know what. The goal of this great organization has not been speed, but thoroughness and thus it is moving very slowly.

If you were to come in my office you might not notice how much work has been done at first glance. Yes, you would be hard pressed to look at it today and say, where did the nine garbage bags of stuff already removed hide? It still looks full. It is amazing how much stuff a cabinet can hold. From one I removed two dozen software boxes containing, user manuals, CDs and other documentation for programs I used five or six computers ago. Why did we still have them? Russ thought they were needed for the computers we still had that used them. Why do we still have those computers? Since they are not in my office that is a question for another month’s clean out project.

As I sort and dispose of the unneeded and unwanted I often come across something I keep, like many random photos. I put those aside in another place in my office awaiting the “second sort” where I will put all photos and memorabilia in chronological order and then into scrap books. This is where the real work will begin. I think I stopped printing photos about 2006 so all these photos I am coming across now are pre that date. Sorting them is going to be a brain taxing event.

I do feel better than now I have all three of my glue guns and their associated glue still housed together in one clear plastic shoe box so I can find it when Christmas decoration making comes around. Also sending ten boxes of giant paper lips and an unopened box of industrial sized binder clips to Russ’ office is a better place than at my house. Not much paper is getting clipped here these days.

I hope that I don’t give up on this clean out and reorganization project until it is all done, but I fear even getting to the second sort. Along with photos I have not done my files. This is not as daunting as the photos, but still requires an attention to detail I can’t do while walking on the tread mill. Filing has always been my least favorite task and I can see that my life time of ignoring it is going to catch up with me here. The one thing I know is I don’t want to leave this mess to my child so I figure if I start now I can get it all done before I leave this world. Pray I live a very long time.

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