Unfinished Treasurers

As the great clean out continues I feel lighter and lighter. Even though I only do one or two cabinets a day it still stakes me quite a long time to deal with what I find. Today’s treasures unearthed include the invitation and gift list for our wedding. It was tucked neatly inside a stationary box that held the last few envelopes from our first formal Mr. & Mrs. stationary. It was such fun to read through the list and recollect who gave us what.

Less fun, but interestingly in the same cabinet was every checkbook, both personal and many businesses and all their deposit slip pads. I am not sure what some banks think, but for one account I came across five hundred deposit slips for one account. I have no problem disposing of checks from accounts long closed, but held on to the deposit slips for the active accounts even though I make all deposits on my phone.

The one bit of anxiety all this cleaning out does is it creates many new chores. One item I found today is a large 98% completed counted cross stitch sampler. I can’t remember when I started it, but Carter commented that she remembered me working on it when she was in Pre-school. It definitely was a multi-year project. What I want to know is why I did not finish it back then especially since I was almost done?

So after the days organization was done I sat down to work on this sampler. I realized that all the cross stitching was done and all I was left with the back stitching. Granted it is my least favorite part, but it is not so horrible to just give up on the whole project. I am glad that since I started needlepointing I have never started and abandoned a project. I have bought canvases I have never started, but once a stitch goes in I keep working at it until it is done.

It won’t take me more than a week to finish this cross stitch sampler and when I do I will feel like that is a big check off my 15 year list. Of course I could have done it long ago if I hadn’t lost it in the disorganization.

I am ever hopeful that once these areas are organized they will stay that way. Once when Megan Ketch was still our full time baby sitter, like fifteen years ago, I paid her to reorganize our linen closet. She thought it was a horrible job but she was an expert organizer and needed the money. The linen closet was also the storage area for all extra health and beauty items, so she had to go though years of first aid kits and tiny shampoo bottles from hotels around the world. I have to say that Megan would be happy to know that the linen closet has remained organized since her first big purge.

This is my goal. Get my office done and keep it done for the rest of my life in this house. Once it is complete and the weather gets cooler I promise to tackle the attic. I think it will be about January.

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