Premature Ending

Yesterday while I was at lunch with my friend Francis I got a FaceTime audio call from Carter. I excused myself to take the very bad connection call. Between cutting out and my saying,”I can’t hear you,” I learned that Carter’s knee was acting up, even in her giant brace. It has been an exceptionally wet and muddy week at Camp so that does not help my crippled daughter climb up and down the mountain.

Eventually we resorted to texting and she told me the Camp doctor would look at it last night. So when I got a call from the Camp nurse at 6:30 I was sure it was about her knee. “She is all right, but you need to come get Carter,” the conversation started. It was not about her knee, but another wack on her head. Carter’s summer as a camp counselor was over.

Since it was storming terribly and late to drive to and from the mountains we decided to wait until morning to go get our poor girl. She had to stay in the health hut, which was no way to say goodbye to her life long friends. She was so sad. One text to me said, “I’m not done being a counselor.” This was a job she loved, even when she was only working on half her cylinders.

I too was sad for her. I couldn’t eat dinner last night as I was texting with Carter. Sleep was not something that was successful last night as I worried about her. Russ and I were in the car before six this morning to drive out to Camp. We needed both of us so I could drive Carter’s car back home.

It was the rainiest foggy morning on the mountain as we pulled up as the campers were heading into the dining hall for breakfast. Carter’s campers were saying goodbye to her. They went into eat and Carter was left hugging her wonderful co-counselor Morgan. Morgan was a new Junior Counselor this year Carter lucked out to be paired with her. Morgan had packed all of Carter’s belonging and put them in her car so there was nothing left for us to do except stop by the barn and get her riding equipment.

I was thrilled to get my hands on Carter and spend the hours driving home with her to see exactly how hurt she is. Having a month at home will do wonders for her recuperation. Hopefully after her MRI we will know what the plan is for her knee. I think her head is not bad in the scheme of things. It is time for Carter to take care of herself and it is hard for her to end early. She hated leaving the people, but she just couldn’t handle the mountain anymore. Tonight I will sleep well with all my peeps under one roof.

One Comment on “Premature Ending”

  1. jane carter says:

    so sorry hope carter will mend with your care

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