Not Lost, Just Misplaced

In my deep dive cleaning out of my office, which I swear is going to take the rest of the year to really do properly, I have unearthed some treasures. The best thing I have found so far is our christmas elf. Stop reading this now if you are under ten years old. For the rest of you, our Christmas elf came to us via Barbara Collie. Carter was about three the Christmas that he came. She loved that elf. He visited us every December until one year, about four or five years ago he didn’t show up.

Carter was distraught. Where was our elf? He was a good elf, who moved every night in December, never missing a move. How could such a fabulous elf leave and not say goodbye? A new elf came to our house the next year, but he was not “our” elf and Carter never took to him. He was not as creative about the places he moved to, never hanging from the chandelier like our first elf. Some nights he even was too lazy to move.

I racked my brain to try and figure out where our elf had hidden himself. I knew he could not have escaped the house and I was right. In an “organizing” box in the cookbook corner of my office, under a package of decorative file folders I found our original elf. He was just as good as new. No worse of the wear, having lived in that organizer box for half a decade or more.

I rejoiced in a huge way. Since I don’t want that elf to hide until December, where he might get lost again, I asked him to hang out in my office until December. He agreed, if I promised never to misplace him again. I promised.

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