Shay’s New Groomer

We have reached a new level of pampered pooch at our house today. A few weeks ago I got a call from Shay’s groomer telling me she was closing her store. It was bad news, especially since it was two days before Shay was due her hair cut. I called a friend’s daughter who had opened up a mobile grooming service, but did not hear back from her because she was on vacation. At last we connected and set today as her first visit.

Mobile pet grooming is fantastic because there is no stress on Shay to be somewhere in public while she has all her work done. Shay has never much liked going to the groomer because there are other dogs there and she thinks she is a person. She would much prefer to go to my salon and sit in the chair for her hair cut.

Georgiana, showed up right on time. She set up her table in the garage and we discussed Shay’s limited options since her hair was out of control. Shay didn’t mind at all to stand on the little table with the collar to hold her in place. After an initial cut with the clippers she got a bath in the bathtub and then went back to the table for the finishing work.

In two hours she was practically perfect. No ride in the car shivering out of fear. No long Day at the groomer. No work for me. The grooming at home is the bomb. Georgiana is coming back! If you are interested is using her here is her card. Just say Shay sent you.

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