I Want 12 Billion Answers

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. Some people consider that an oxymoron. It makes me an independent since there is no party that is that. One thing I used to agree with republicans on was free trade. I felt like the market place was the best governor, not government. Back in the old days republicans used to work for the government stayed out of the way. What happened to those republicans?

When Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum it appeared no republicans took him out back of the wood shed and explained that this just was not the republican way. No one explained the laws of unintended consequences. Trump seemed to care little for American companies that canned soup whose metal can costs were going up.

Then the countries who had tariffs imposed on them reacted with their own tariffs. Suddenly American farmers were getting hit with loss of markets for their hogs and soy beans. Those farmers mostly likely voted for Trump. Laws of unintended consequences.

So what did that tariffs loving president do today? Promised the farmers $12 BILLION in aid from tax payer money for the problem he caused them with his tariffs in the first place. Whoa, whoa, this was not something republicans did, that was a democrats thing.

So what I want to know is how a president has access to $12 billion dollars for something that is not a war or a natural disaster without having to get budget approval from someone? Is he giving them $12 BILLION of his own money. No, wait, he didn’t sleep with all those farmers so he it probably won’t be his money. We don’t have any idea how much money he has anyway since he never disclosed his tax returns. That is still something we should demand of candidates. We have no idea if he has investments that benefit from all this tariff stuff, or Russian stuff.

What I do know is this is not fiscally conservative. He claims that tariffs are “great” and that everyone should just be patient for them to work. Hey republicans, he’s your guy, take him out behind the wood shed and do something! If you need suggestions…

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