Sad Happiness

A few weeks ago I got a letter from my beloved friend and youth pastor at our church, Taylor, letting me know of the exciting news she had been called to be head pastor at a new church in Georgia. I had long been dreading this day, knowing that she was way over qualified to stay as an assistant pastor any longer. Since I consider her my friend first, I only could be thrilled for her, but I was also sad. Sad that I would be losing the opportunity to see her smiling face often, sad for our church that we no longer would no longer get to hear her extraordinary preaching and sad for the youth of Durham we won’t benefit from her wisdom.

Since my own child is not much of a church goer, my church life with Taylor was not centered around youth. I did get to spend time with her helping to raise money, but our relationship was built on our shard love of fabric craft, especially Marimekko, and other less churchy subjects.

As quick as I read her letter, I was texting her congratulations, but with tears. I am thrilled that she will head her own church since she is more than ready to steer a ship and spread the good news. I invited her to one last farewell lunch, since lunch was how she did spiritual counseling with me. We decided to invite Lynn and Sara to join us, but sadly Sara was at the beach.

Today was our lunch. Lynn and I got to hear all the news of her new position and the small southern town, just north of Savanah, that she and her family will move to. I know that church is so lucky to be getting this Harvard educated brilliant woman. I also know that somehow I will keep up with her as Lynn and I decided that trips to Savanah are in order.

I am so sad for my church and especially our head pastor Chris who is losing Taylor at a time when we have some other retirements. But we are not a selfish place. It is time that Taylor spreads her wings and takes this next step. I think her new church sounds perfect for her. I’m just a little jealous of them, they are getting a true gem.

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