Healing Darkness

The kind of text I hate to get Russ and I got late last night. “I just got hit in the head in basketball.” Another concussion for Carter. It was too late to go up to Camp last night. I texted her this morning. Still bad so I jumped in the car and went out to Camp and picked her up.

We are well versed in the concussion protocol, but I still took her to the doctor to make sure that it is nothing worse. She is wearing her sunglasses to help her brain. Thankfully a dark room, low sounds, no screens should help my poor baby heal. The good thing is I am home to take care of her and I get a few unexpected days with her.

No matter how old your children are they are still your babies. I just want to fix things and take care of her. With a concussion she still wants to be taken care of. Just means I cancel all the mundane things I had to do and go into full time Mommy role. The hardest part is letting her be alone and not talk to her even though she is right here.

2 Comments on “Healing Darkness”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Oh Dana I am so sorry to hear about Carter’s latest concussion challenge. I serve as the Board Chair of our four local hospitals that make up Quinte Health Care and just had a conversation with a Neuro-Phsycologist on the subject of brain injuries. He stressed the importance of taking a year of care post-concussion to let the brain heal.

  2. dee7064 says:

    I pray you heal quickly, Carter. I know how much you want to get back to camp!! 🙏💕🙏💕

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