Lessons Learned

After 42 days with a broken refrigerator you are very hopeful that the third tech can fix it and not make it worse. So much for hope. I am in the fight of my life with Sears right now and I don’t want to jinx what I am currently working on, so this story will continue on another day.

Since now my freezer is broken I had to completely clean it out this morning. It is not the first time I have cleaned out the freezer on this two year old appliance, but you would think that I had been storing specimens from the ice age by the looks of things. One would think that by my age I would have learned how to label ANYTHING that went in the freezer, let alone label everything, but no.

So my lessons for today are quite simple. Don’t buy anything from Sears. If you have a child who shouldn’t go to college, they could make a fortune as an appliance repair man if they are only half decent, and this is the big one, label everything in the freezer with a date, especially if it is wrapped in foil. Clear plastic containers are no better for food identification once something has been frozen. At least now that it is empty I won’t have to find uses for all the crusts I cut off tea sandwiches for funerals. Although I might have to make some more funeral sandwiches for Sears.

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