Jumping On The Analogue Bandwagon

A couple of months ago Carter asked me if I kept a bullet journal. Not only did I not keep one, but I had never even heard of such a thing. Since then I have noticed the old fashioned notebook/calendar/planners everywhere.

I am a long term digital calendar devotee, but I notice that my digital notes and lists do not always work for me. I forget what I title things, or which app I use to file them in. I know there are electronic easy ways to fix this, but I have decided to give the old fashion notebook based bullet journal a go.

I love the idea of not just using it as a calendar and list keeping tracker, but also a place for inspirations, tracking all things from steps to water to weight and habits. When I searched on Pinterest I found an overwhelming trove of inspiration. I also like the idea that this journal is a creative outlet where I can change how I journal weekly or even daily.

I am trying my best to get back on track as far as healthy living goes so I find the bullet journal is the perfect way to keep myself accountable. I always feel better when I make a list and check it off as I complete each task. That is exactly what this thing is about, but Rather than throwing the list away, I have a record.

Some of my lists I am going to be keeping are TV shows to watch, books to read, Christmas gifts to make or buy, “when was the last time…”, places to visit, recipes to try, home projects to do. Oh the list of lists can go on forever.

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