What To Do About An Obsession?

The first thing I must do is admit I am powerless. The tug on me to my sewing machine is stronger than I am. Today I did leave my house and go to the gym. I also had friends over for five hours and I played Mah Jongg and fed them lunch which I made. I did a load of laundry and made the bed and cleaned the house. That is my rationalization that it is also OK that I spent the better part of the afternoon in my sweat shop making the tops for a half dozen new quilted placemats. This after I made two baskets yesterday and a pieced quilt back the day before.

I am not ignoring doing normal life things, but I feel this draw to create something new and useful everyday. I could blame this never ending cold weather since I am warm and cozy in my sweat shop. I have been rewatching the entire “Call the midwife” series during the making of this last quilt and other projects, but it that is not my reason for going down to sew.

Maybe I could just go down stairs and iron. If I really wanted to be productive in my sweat shop I could take in ironing. Russ could stop taking his shirts to the laundry and I could fill the bathtub with starch and start doing them myself.

I am a little worried that at the rate I produce things I could have the whole house covered in quilted items in a year or two. Maybe I could quilt a dog bed for Shay, or an ottoman for Russ. Seems like I need to find a new obsession. If only my knee and foot felt well enough for me to take up marathon walking. I could turn into that lady in the neighborhood who seems to walk night and day. I am yet to master sewing while walking.

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