Where’s Spring?

OK Mother Nature, we get it, you are clearly in charge. Obviously you are unhappy with us humans about the way we are treating you planet, so you re torturing us. Today is supposedly the first day of spring, but at 41 degrees in Durham, I hardly call that spring. With snow in the forecast for tomorrow I am practically giving up.

Of course we don’t have it as bad here as Carter does in Boston. She is due to get her fourth nor’easter. When she chose to go to Northeastern, we had no idea they had officially changed the name of the school to nor’easter. And just because it has Easter in the name does not mean it should happen on Easter.

I am sick of the cold. Shay is sick of the wet. The is very little spring in her step. Every time I open the door she just looks up at me and gives me the, “you know I don’t go out in the cold and wet” face. I’m sorry sweet puppy, if I could change the weather I would and I would do it for free.

So Mother Nature, let us know what we should do to make you happy. Stop hunting big game animals in Africa, stop drilling for oil off the coast, stop the dismantling of the EPA, stop loosening regulations on air pollution. I know exactly what you are mad at Mother Nature. Rather than punishing all of us for ignoring climate change can you just target the one who is doing all this too our earth?

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