Eye Update

Today I went with Russ to his follow-up appointment with his miracle worker Dr. Terry Kim. The first thing I watched Russ do was take the eye exam. I was sitting on a bench half as far away from the eye chart as Russ and I could barley read it, as he was knocking the “SVEGB” out of the park. We went in to see Terry and he practically fell off his chair when he read that Russ now had 20/20 vision. He now officially has better vision than me or Terry.

All the stars lined up right and this potentially dangerous situation came out better than all the experts expected. Russ now does not even need glasses, although he currently is wearing clear glass ones to protect his eye from being hit, poked or bumped.

We are so thankful for the medical team at Duke, our friends and family who prayed, sent well wishes, brought food and offered support.There is no gift anyone could have given us that was more valuable and cherished than that of good vision.

Make sure you have your eyes checked regularly. There are so many treatments that can preserve and improve your eyes. Russ says the world had never been more colorful and detailed. I am going to do everything to keep it that way for him.

2 Comments on “Eye Update”

  1. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    Best to Russ – wonderful for him.

  2. jane carter says:

    oh so wonderful I am thrilled mom

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