Tomorrow My Mom Turns 80

It is hard for me to believe that my Mon is going to be 80 tomorrow. She has always been beautiful, but she looks extra fantastic for 80. She is still sharp as she has ever been. If you don’t believe me try and beat her at Bridge. She has always been a talented artist, but she has hardly ever been more prolific than she is now, still painting everyday.

I am thankful for all the good things she has given me. She has a strong faith, is kind and is fair as can be. Many Christmases I might get a check for something like $3.34 along with my presents. Why such a strange check? It was the difference in the cost of my gifts a compared to my sister’s.

My love of needlepoint definitely is a genetic thing I get from her. Unfortunately I am not as talented as she is, doing free hand needlepoint, meaning there is no painting on the canvas. She also passed on her love of doing laundry. Her frugality has also been passed down to me. She is a voracious reader, so her favorite place is the library. Why wold she ever buy a book when she could read it for free from the library.

She is not much of one for social media, but if you know her send her an e-mail tomorrow. Turning 80 with your mind and body still in tact is a good day. Happy Birthday Mom!

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