The Joy of Staying In

I love being my age. One of my favorite parts about it is that Russ and I can chose to stay in on a Saturday night and not consider we might be missing a damn thing. Not that we ever really care if we are missing something because there is hardly anything that can go on that is more fun than being home. The only thing that might be better is being home with friends, as long a sit is our home.

Maybe we are really getting old because we did venture out today in the middle of the day and felt like that was all we needed. After taking a painting of my mother’s to the framers we went to the UNC basketball game with our friends Lynn and Logan. This was Baby Chick’s, that’s Lynn, first foray out into the world since her wing operation. She was instructed by Mack, her doctor extradinare, to be careful as can be, my medical term, not his, and not move her arm under any circumstances. I told her she needed to follow his advice since she was growing a bone.

So I acted as her body guard protecting her from well wishing friends who wanted to hug her, or ice she might fall on. It was a successful first outing. The boys dropped us off and parked the car. The walk into the Dean Dome was not too taxing for someone who was growing a new bone and the game was a winning one, even though the play was not spectacular.

Long chauffeured us home and Russ and I went to opposites sides of the house to work on our various hobbies. Then we ate leftovers for dinner and went back to our hobbies. Perfect day. We did not have to get dressed up, we spent time with the people we really like and our team won. Oh it’s great to be old and not give a shit about much else.

One Comment on “The Joy of Staying In”

  1. Kim Fox says:

    Uou are so right Dana!

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