Golf Today, Really?

Why is the self proclaimed “least racist man on earth,” our current president golfing on Martin Luther King, Jr. day rather than attending a day of service activities like previous Presidents? Perhaps he does not know what a racist is? He certainly does not follow the lead of Dr. King to be kind.

I find the current President’s day of golf further evidence of his lack of understanding what it means to be President of all Americans. Not honoring this day publicly is a slap to the memory of Dr. King and his teachings.

His most recent controversy over reportedly calling countries mainly of black people in Africa and Haiti “shit holes” shows his true heart. Let’s say he really didn’t say that, he did say he would rather have immigrants from Norway. Well, everyone in Norway is white, so he does not deny that he only wants whites as immigrants.

If 45 really did want to show how not racist he is he would have done something other than playing golf on this the one day of the year set aside to honor the greatest African American in our history. Tone deaf is nothing new for this man, but honestly.

I am trying my best to honor Dr. King and be kind, but I don’t know how much kindness I can muster for our commander in chief.

One Comment on “Golf Today, Really?”

  1. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    Legislators made a federal holiday to honor MLK Jr.’s birthday. There are nearly 3 million federal employees on holiday. Was service a requirement for them to have day off? Just think what could be done if they all were plugged in to a volunteer/service for the day!!! I think ski slopes got the best deal …..And we don’t know what the president did all day ……..

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