You Are Never Too Old

When you have been on a trip just a day or two too long and you are getting tired of museums, historical spots, and looking at stuff what should you do to fill your time on the last day? Go to the zoo!

This morning we just could not muster going to another good for us, mind enriching site. We had a leisurely breakfast trying to fill the time, ran an errand to replace Carter’s original Birkenstocks and had packed our bags so that we made sure they were balanced in weight. Then Carter came up with the brilliant idea to go to the Berlin Zoo, a place she had not yet visited.

Off on the S train we headed. Going to a zoo in the winter on a weekday is the way to go. The place was empty of many other visitors, but full of the most glorious animal exhibits. Russ downloaded the zoo app so we knew when everyone was going to be fed. We got to see bears of all types, from polar to pandas. Wolves, hippos, zebras, antelopes, rhino and birds.

The two houses we liked the most were the big cats and the primates. We were in time for feeding in both places. When we entered the cat house a big female lion was making a terrific noise. Carter was worried that she was in distress. No she just knew it was time for her big beef leg.

The monkeys were our favorite. We spend a good amount of time watching big families in giant habitats, swing from ropes, pick up apple pieces with their feet and play with each other. There was some other monkey business going on too, so thank goodness there were not many kids around.

Tonight we are going to dinner at a restaurant we learned about on a great TV show called The Chef’s table. It was not the best planning to go to our best meal a few hours before our flight home. Hopefully I will sleep all the way home.

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