Prague Beating Berlin So Far

After not enough sleep last night Carter Russ and I had to pack. Well, most of Carter’s bags were still packed from moving out of school. In planning this trip I had to work everything around being able to leave four big suitcases in Berlin while we traveled around. There was no way we could bring Carter’s whole semesters worth of stuff with us.

After storing her belonging we jumped on a train to Prague. The countryside of east Germany south through Dresden was quite beautiful. Carter felt a bit of familiarity as long as we were in Germany. As we crossed the boarder into the Czech Republic everything changed. No more German over the loud speaker. She said it was a feeling of uneasiness to be out of Germany.

We got a taxi to our apartment in the old town section of the city. It was a nice surprise for us all since we have a big living room with 14 foot ceilings and two giant bedrooms. We wasted no time getting out to explore the old town. We walked down out street and rounded a corner and there at the end of the block was a beautiful cathedral all lit up. We went under two arches and through two cobblestoned court yards and then we were in the middle of a magical Christmas Market.

The tree was twice as big as any in Berlin. The buildings that surrounded the square looked as if Santa had designed them just for Christmas. The stalls were not as close together as they were in Berlin. There were plenty of people but not the shoulder to shoulder crowds like in Berlin.

We purchased some hot cider and perused the offerings. We had no set plans for dinner. When we walked by a big fire with ham turning on a spit, Russ knew he had come to his happy place. We decided just to get food at the market and eat it outside like all the other revelers. Carter cold not find exactly what she wanted so after Russ and I enjoyed the local meat we walked around the square to a Mexican take out place that satisfied Carter to a tee.

Back to the apartment to watch some Christmas movie on Netflix and we were happy. So far Prague is winning in the Christmas celebration feeling. We have hardly scratched the surface, but then again it is just our first few hours here. I can hardly wait to see what daylight will bring here.

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