December 7 is Carter’s Birthday

Nineteen years ago tomorrow the best thing happened to me and Russ, Carter was born. We had no idea what a fun ride it would be to be her parents but based on her arrival we should not have been surprised.

We waiting a long time for her. After seven years of marriage we finally got pregnant. She was two weeks late to be born and only free being induced did she make an appearance. Although she put up quite a fight about coming out and made sure it was a good story.

Russ and I went to the hospital at six in the morning on the day we were told they would finally induce me. We hung around the waiting room for few hours and they finally showed us to a room where they would give me the drugs that would make Carter want to come out. She wasn’t exactly ready. After a few traumatic heart rate incidents when Russ was not in the room, Dr. Fried announced that I was having an emergency c-section and they quickly rolled me down the hall of Durham Regional completely naked on my hands and knees to the operating room. I am certain that if Russ had been in the room at that moment that he would have made sure they threw a sheet over me. Thank goodness he appeared in the operating room just as they were about to cut me open to deliver sweet Carter.

She was fine and we were ecstatic. It was a crazy beginning of a great childhood. If you had asked me then if I could imagine where she would be nineteen years later I never would have said Berlin.

This is her first birthday I have ever been away from her, but it is only three days until I see her for the first time in four months. It will be like a big present to me to celebrate her birthday a few days late.

I am writing this celebration of her birthday today so that when she wakes up in Berlin in a few hours she will have it as her first birthday present. Sadly she also has an exam on her birthday and one the day after so she will have to spend the day studying as will all her Berlin friends, so no party will go on. So if you know Carter send her a birthday message so the day does not go unrecognized.

I just want her to know that she is the best daughter and I love her more than anything on earth. Being apart for four months was much harder than going down the hall of the hospital naked on my hands and knees on the gurney. It has all been worth it!

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