I Miss My Tribe

For fourteen years I had a tribe of mothers and children I saw often. In the beginning it was daily, sitting in the great room waiting for pick up, or after school, at Daisy’s. Then it was every few days in carpool, or at birthday parties, or hot lunch. Then it was less often for seeing each other, but more texting “did you know my child was coming home with yours after the dance?” Or in the bleachers at games cheering. 
Sometimes I would have five girls in my house talking about boys. Sometimes I would have five boys in my house trying to figure out the girls. Then all the children left, happily. To me sometimes it feels like the bad guy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lured them off and left me in a land without children.
But tonight something truly scrumptious happened. Two wonderful moms in my tribe got us together to pack surprises for our kids. Like stone soup, everyone contributed something but in the end it was way more than anyone needed.
Since I can’t send a package to Germany I packed a surprise to send to one of her friends. Sorry Carter, I am sending you Daddy instead and that will make up for not getting a package from me.  
Mostly it was so wonderful to reconnect with my tribe who I realized I miss so much. I have been very busy, but it is not the same as seeing the same people day in and day out. Having them notice when things were bad or being able to share a win without worrying that it might be considered bragging.
Thanks to Lynn and Michelle for taking the reins and getting us all together. It is hard to not spend everyday with you people after doing it for fourteen years.  

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