When the Doggie Bag Weighs a Pound

When the waiter put my dinner down in front of me I thought he must have brought a platter that was meant for a family meal. My friend Kelly, who moved to Atlanta this summer is back for a weekend of fun, birthday celebrations and parents weekend at UNC, but tonight I got to have dinner with her alone before all the festivities begin. We went to Mothers and Sons.  
Since it is an Italian restaurant I wanted to stay away from my kriptonite – pasta. I noticed they had porchetta on the menu. It is a dish I have made a few times at home for big occasions and wanted to see how theirs compared to mine. It is not exactly dietetic, but all protein is better for me that any pasta.
I am used to slicing my porchetta a little thinner than the inch and a quarter slab I was given. It was good, but could have used a little more lemon and rosemary. I made a valiant effort at making a dent in it, but still took three quarters of it home.
Lifting the take out box was like picking up a dumbbell, so when I got home I weighed it. The meat was over a pound and the box was 5/8 of an ounce! I am not sure what Mothers and Son was thinking when they made this one serving, but it easily could have been for a family of four. Russ will enjoy it when he gets home from Minneapolis. For now it is great to have Kelly back in town.

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