No Scathing Review

When I have a really good day it sometimes makes for a very boring blog. It is quiet at my house with just me and Shay. I had nothing on the calendar so I spent the better part of daylight hours quilting. I am working on a fairly complicated pattern and as a total novice I am sure I am doing it the most difficult way possible. Since this quilt is a present for someone I can’t post anything about it.
The human interaction part of the day did not start until the evening when I went to the pool deck of the Unscripted Hotel to celebrate Kelly’s birthday. It was also a celebration of her husband Mark’s birthday too since his follows right behind hers, but today is her real birthday.

It was very hip and young to be at a bar with a pool. Much too young for me. Thankfully there were plenty of friends there to catch up with. Dave and Michelle were there and Dave was complaining that I have to many pictures of Russ and Shay in the blog these days. When your nest is empty and all you do is sit at the sewing machine or stand at the cutting table it makes for very little material.
“I want pictures of food and scathing reviews of clubs you belong to,” Dave implored me.

No dirt here tonight, but here is a good food tip. The only good food Russ has had in the suburbs of St. Paul is this Goslings Ginger Beer. His regular waitress at his hotel told him to stop drinking the watery ginger ale and try this. He loved it so we ordered a case of it from Total Wine, the only retailer in the area that has it. It is a good strong ginger flavor. So it is the review of the day. Not exactly a picture of food and not a scathing review, but a maybe something Dave did not know about before.
And no pictures of Shay, but one of Russ’ hand holding the can. Instead, Dave, a picture of you!

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