Sick Child Diet

Poor Carter has been home the last two days with the crud. Apparently half her school has been out too. One of her good friends said it was terrible today because all the friends she eats lunch with were out, leaving her at school all alone.
With spring break coming I have been trying my best to get back on the healthy eating wagon with little will power. Today, with Carter not able to eat much I found it was easier for me to withhold. Since it is not the stomach bug, but an achy flu, she can still eat, but doesn’t have much appetite. I made artichokes for dinner. I know, not a normal sick food, but she was already tired of soup. Poor Carter ate part of one and was done with that.
Normally I would have finished her artichoke, but I certainly did not want to even touch anything she did. I had my artichoke and put the plates in the dishwasher and washed my hands well. Shay thought she wanted what Carter was not eating, but once Carter gave her a green leaf Shay thought better of her begging for it.
Now if I can eat the little amount Carter does while she is sick I may be able to shrink my stomach. I’m hoping for enough to ensure that a I am only eating enough to burn some of my stored fat and not take on more than I burn. I envision needing to exercise every waking minute to make my plan work, but realistically that is not going to happen. I certainly don’t have time to get the flu, but I wold like to get the flu non-eating desire. I pray that everyone in your house is well, but based on the school report that is not going to be the case for half of you.  

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