Poor Nordstrom

Some business leaders have made the news for saying how great it is to have a President that is so pro-business. They envision a governance that takes away their taxes, regulations and brings us back to the wild west days of anything goes for a dollar.
Then there are the businesses who made the “Grab Your Wallet list” outing them for supporting any Trump related business. Nordstrom’s was the top of the list, why I am not sure because they certainly could not have been the biggest seller of Trump goods, nor was the list alphabetical. Many anti-Trump people let Nordstrom know they were not happy that they sold Ivanka’s clothes and shoes.
So without saying they were bowing to that pressure Nordstrom’s announced they were dropping Ivanka due to poor sales. That action unleashed the dragon that is the oh so powerful daddy. Not that he who shall not be named likes when anyone says anything harsh about his family, but harm one hair on the obvious favorite daughter and you are playing with fire.
So last night the twitter war against Nordstrom started. First from the personal account, the the POTUS, then Instagram and finally Facebook. Nordstrom’s stock dropped at the opening bell.  
So where is that pro-business president? All those CEO’s who think they have an ally running the show need to realize he is not pro-business for the good of their businesses, but only for his own. If your business crosses him or worse, his off spring, he is going to be more anti your business than any previous President ever was.
Then there was poor cross-eyed Kellyanne. Blindly trotted out to be the spokesperson for Ivanka. Did Kellyanne not read the conflict of interest memo when she took the job or perhaps she really does not give a damn about her own integrity. I love that the White House gets to do it’s own reprimanding of KellyAnne for breaking the ethics rules. I imagine she is getting a spanking in the Oval Office right now and likes it a little too much.  
But poor Nordstrom, damned if they kept Ivanka, damned if they didn’t. No one is safe. Be careful Macy’s, LL Bean and Bloomingdales. The last thing you want is to do anything that gets Kellyanne involved in your story.
Note to readers with little sense of humor.  Don’t bother me with with rebuttals,  this is satire.  Get your own blog.

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