Senior Basketball Night

I wish I knew how many hours I sat in the bleachers, drove to far off games, cheered for every shot attempt, bought gatorades and bagels, all in support of the Varsity Basketball team. I would do it all again double. Watching Carter play, or just be the loud one calling plays in from the bench has been a fun way to spend her high school career with her.  
Tonight was senior night as it was the last home game of the regular season. Carter and her teammate Grace Drewry were the two senior captains graduating from the team this year. Carter’s coach Krista wrote that Carter is “considered the ‘team mom’ her maturity and leadership have been truly exceptional for the program.”
Basketball has been a fabulous place to learn for Carter. Hard work, team dynamics, psychology, perseverance, selflessness are lessons best learned young. Thanks to her coaches Krista and Robert who have believed in Carter, pushed her and developed her. Not that she will go on to any career is basketball, but she will use the tools she cultivated everyday as she goes forward to bigger things.
Belonging to a team has been the best benefit. Not just for Carter as a player, but for me and Russ as parents. We have an exceptional group of supportive parents who cheer each girl on as if they were their own. When Russ and I arrived at the gym we were met by Liz & Bennet Roberts and Liz’s grandmother who came to celebrate senior night even though Liz is now a Freshman playing basketball at UNC. We have missed them at every game this year and it was so generous of them to show up for senior night tonight despite having graduated from DA. That is the kind of family that this basketball team has been.
For her “senior night” game Carter made two perfect free throws. Well, I’m not sure they were perfect, but they went in and added points to the winning score. She played with heart and happiness. What more can a parent ask for?

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