The Place Manners Still Matter

This is a cautionary tale that you need to share with your loved ones, but maybe not with your enemies.
Yesterday Russ was trying to get home from San Francisco. He took the red eye from the Bay Area to JFK, arriving at five in the morning. It seems like a good idea to get one long flight in on the first leg in the hope you might sleep, but not going to JFK. He was supposed to board a plane at eight in the morning for the quick ride back to North Carolina, but sadly that plane was having trouble. Russ texted me it was a three hour delay.
They eventually got him a new plane and once they put all the passengers on it they discovered that plane needed a new air tank. That was another hour. Finally they put all the passengers back on the plane and shut the door. Russ texted me that he was in his seat and would be going.  
Not so fast. A mother and her adult daughter started having a fight with another passenger to the point that the flight attendant told them she was going to call the authorizes if they did not settle down. They did not.
Russ texted, “We have to pull the plane back in the gate so the police can come on and arrest the mother.” The police did take the woman off the plane and her daughter followed even though she was not charged. More delays while they searched the hold for their luggage. 
The other passengers were getting restless. Now, a young man came up to the front to complain loudly to the stewardess about the many delays. She said to him, “Don’t make me call the police on you too. It is a $75,000 fine if they have to come on the plane and you are banned from ever flying on this airline again.”
Now that is a threat! I think all passengers should know how horrible the consequences are for bad behavior. It’s not just that someone might film you and put your acting badly on YouTube. No, it’s big bucks and permanent expulsion from all flights on that airline.
So no complaining once you get on the plane. And be nice to the flight attendants. Your being able to stay on that plane is completely up to them. Bad manners don’t just get you in trouble with your grandmother, they may cost you more money than you have.

One Comment on “The Place Manners Still Matter”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I agree. I have never heard of anyone being fined $75,000 (you think it would be on the news, etc.), but I support the idea. There is no place on a plane for rude and disruptive passengers.

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