I Just Can’t Help Myself

I have never been one who could hold my tongue when I hear some kind of BS. Perhaps it is my own gift for BS slinging that I developed at a very young age and have since more or less abandoned. When a I hear a load of crap, whether intentional or mistaken, I tend to call someone out on it. Sometimes it is just to let them know they are full of it and I am not falling for it, or more often that not, it is for educational purposes. I think the consultant in me is always teaching.
Yesterday was a prime example of what I am talking about. While playing Mah Jongg with my friends Kelly and Christy our new waitress told us about the special salad of the week. “Spinach, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes…” And she went on. Since I am always interested in the salad of the week, but am often disappointed in it, I question the servers in depth about the ingredients.  
Yesterday my question was, “Are the artichoke hearts from a jar, packed in oil?” Since our waitress was brand new she did the proper thing and went to ask someone who knew the answer. Eventually a young manager came by to tell us.
“The artichokes are canned and and marinated,” he said. “But they have been made fresh again by poaching them.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me stop you right there,” I interjected. “There is no such thing as making something canned fresh again, so please remove that phrase from your description from now on.”  
He agreed with me that it was not an accurate description. And sounding more terrible than just canned artichoke hearts I ordered something else.
My friend Kelly turned to me and said, “I don’t know why you corrected him. I never would have done that.” It’s wasn’t said in a criticizing way, more observational of how different we are.
My response was that it goes against my every grain not to help people repeatedly say stupid things. It is part of my world improvement plan, that I know not everyone appreciates. Since this young man works at my club, I feel it is only right that I help him describe things in a way that will help him sell them, so it is my duty to correct him. Perhaps it is the sales manager in me. Whatever it is, I can’t just help myself.

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