No Dishonor


Carter’s basketball team ended their regular season with a strong 19-8 record. It had been a successful year with Team senior Captains Liz Roberts and Serena Walker leading the girls. Liz is graduating as the all time highest scoring player in school history, and that’s for both men’s and women’s teams.
Today was the first post season state game for the lady Cavaliers hosted at the Forsyth Country Day School. It was a long drive to get past Winston-Salem for the game. The game started slowly for the DA girls, but unfortunately their opponents got off to a quick lead. We were behind for most of the game and our girls were not quite in sync in the first half, down by something like fifteen points as they headed into the locker room.
These girls have been down before, but they have never given up. Their opponents were superior shooters, hardly missing a shot. One thing our girls were better at was cleaner play with fewer fouls. This paid off.
In the fourth quarter after trailing the whole game, usually by fifty percent, the DA girls pulled out the stops and made more baskets, had superior defense and held back their competition who had gotten into foul trouble. The rag-tag group of DA parent supporters never gave up the cheering whether the girls were trailing by twenty or two. But as the team closed the lead and eventually pulled ahead by a bucket the hearts in the fans in the stands were beating out of our chests.
With less than a minute to play the FCDS team tied again, then pulled ahead by two. With seconds to play we were fouled and made one of the two free throws leaving us down by one. Remarkably with four seconds left Liz Roberts got the ball and was heading towards the basket when she fell losing the ball, it rolled and sophomore Erin Dilweg grappled on the floor with another player to get the ball and from a sitting position took one last impossible shot. It did not go in.
The girls lost 77-76 but could not have played any harder in that second half. It was heart breaking for our seniors, Liz, Serena and Kenan Little to end their DA careers so far from home in such a tragic way, but all the girls should hold their heads up high. They may not have started the game playing their best, but they ended as warriors. A lesser team would have never been able to battle back from such a huge deficit. 
Tears told the story of their broken hearts, but they need to remember it was a winning season and they are a team of girls who support each other and always have each other’s back.  

One Comment on “No Dishonor”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    This is a great story of sportsmanship, coming from behind, and giving it your all. Despite the heartbreaking loss, I am sure it will be remembered as quite a game for a long time. Congrats to the DA women’s basketball team for making such a good effort and, in the end, a great game for all.

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