The Yin and Yang of Snow Day Binge Watching

True to form we have a “snow day” while Russ is out of the country. Unfortunately our snow day was really an ice day so there was absolutely no going anywhere. The good part is that it gave Carter a recovery day after her terrible food poisoning yesterday.
As Carter was in her room working on school work in advance of her week of state basketball playoffs I was making the most of the imposed homeboundness by staying on my treadmill. Since Russ has been away I am completely caught up on most of my shows so when I looked at the listings on the DVR I had nothing to watch except Russ’ woodwright shows or Ask this Old House. I flipped on live TV to discover a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon. 
I am not a Kardashian follower, but I have to admit that watching these over indulged, over exposed, over butt implanted women was completely captivating. I was able to get back to doing 20,000 steps thanks to the ice canceling all commitments and the bevy of girls all with the initials KK entertaining me.
After four loads of laundry, folded while walking and binge watching KUWTK, I felt like my day had been productive and it was still early afternoon. I had one show on the DVR that I had been saving for Carter so once she was done with her work we snuggled into the big sofa to watch three episodes of Mercy Street, the PBS show about a Union civil war hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. It felt less guilty since it is kind of educational, especially for Carter in AP Us History.
I have absolutely no guilt about watching TV all day since I was trapped inside and was relatively productive, but now I have to confess the I am still not done watching. Tonight is Monday and that means The Batchelor. It better be good weather tomorrow, I desperately need redemption.  

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