I Messed Up Valentine’s Day


It is Valentine’s Day today. We are on week two of Russ being in Australia and then I wake up this morning and realize that it was Valentine’s Day yesterday in OZ. I am such a bad Valentine. Russ left two cards for me with Carter so she could give them today. He left a card for Carter with me to do the same. You think I could have snuck a card in his luggage. On top of all that I got a cute Jib Jab from him with not such bad pictures of our heads atop beautiful people dancing around in love.
To add to my bad wife feeling Carter came up extra early on a Sunday morning to tell me she had been up a while with what she self diagnosed, with the help of the mayo clinic, as food poisoning. We had gone out to dinner last night before going to see the fabulous DA winter musical’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. Poor Carter, she was still not completely well from what she had last week so food poisoning on top is the pits. I know she is really sick because she has not eaten one thing all day, except the tea I gave her, and that couldn’t stay with her.
It is not the best Valentine’s Day at our house. Shay is afraid of the talking monkey card Russ left. My compression stockings are driving me crazy, I have a sick daughter and a husband half a world away who I did not celebrate with. Sounds like first world problems.
So now I am going to try and be thankful for all the good things. Especially that I have such a hard working and loving husband who does what he does so I can stay home and do what I want. That is real love. Carter will get better. Shay will get over her fear of the monkey Valentine. I will make up for my lax Valentine for Russ by making him a good home cooked meal when he gets home, which is all he ever wants for any occasion.  

One Comment on “I Messed Up Valentine’s Day”

  1. Anna Ho says:

    Happy Valentines Day and hope Carte will feel better by tomorrow.

    Anna Ho


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